Drug Repositioning Drug repositioning, or the identification of new indications for approved therapeutic drugs, has gained substantial traction with both academics and pharmaceutical companies because it reduces the cost and duration of the drug development pipeline and the likelihood of unforeseen adverse events. To date there has not been a systematic effort to identify such opportunities, in part because of the lack of a comprehensive resource for an enormous amount of unsystematic drug repositioning information to support scientists who could benefit from this endeavor.

Experimental Knowledge-Based Drug Repositioning Database (EK-DRD) provides a versatile resource for the display, search and analysis of structure, function, pathway, disease, network and related experimentally-validated drug repositioning annotation for 1861 FDA-approved and 102 withdrawn small molecule drugs. Data in EK-DRD is annually updated and freely served for biologists and medicinal chemists interested in drug repositioning for drug discovery.


  • Drug Entries  1963
  • Target Entries 2985
  • Target level assay records 30944
  • Cell level assay records 3999
  • Organism level assay records  585
  • Clinical level assay records  8889
  • Pathways  1332
  • Clinical based related diseases  293
  • Target based related diseases856